Mobile phone wireless tech

Was just thinking randomly about how many wireless transceivers my phone has.. there’s a lot

  • Cellular (several bands)
  • Wifi (2.4 and 5Ghz)
  • Bluetooth, including Bluetooth LE
  • NFC
  • GPS receiver
  • Ant+ receiver

That’s 6 RF radios, as well as infrared…

Also I might get a wireless changing thingo for inductive charging.. That’s another!

Although the only point of interest as far as health would be the radiated power.. people seem to get all hung-up about wifi, when cellular is a much more powerful signal.. A cellular signal has to travel all the way to the nearest phone tower, where as wifi might have 30-50m range tops.. From memory a cell radio in a phone may have 1-4W of power, where as wifi is maybe up to 200mW tops… 200 would be surprising. so likely more than an order of magnitude difference between wifi and cellular. People don’t seem to realise that. Although that being said, wifi is possibly used more frequently. I’m thinking I should disable cellular while I’m sleeping.

Bonus point coffee


wp-1458977589338.jpegSince I’ve lost faith in normal store milk (haven’t really looked into it as far as alternatives) I’ve been having more long blacks (Americano’s) instead of my preferred cappuccinos. Usually I put cacao and maca on my oats, and sometimes coconut oil but they’ve just been sitting there since this be diet. I added them to a long black and yup it’s pretty good. Basically it’s

  • Freshly ground locally roasted beans through an espresso machine – this seems to taste better than my drip coffee.
  • Hot water.
  • .3 teaspoon Cacao
  • .3 teaspoon Maca
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • .3 teaspoon cinnamon
    When I added the cinnamon it was pretty strong, but cinnamon is supposed to be good for you so whatever.

Gabor Mate on Addiction

I was just watching a video on a UFO topic out of interest and they were talking about psychology and therapy. It reminded me of a talk by Gabor Mate I’ve seen.

It’s a really interesting talk, and I think everyone could benefit from Gabor’s work. He boils down addictive behaviour as serving the short-term at the expense of the long term. He has a really great perspective which I think is a great expression of clinical Psychology. He doesn’t have an ego of being a ‘therapist’ and holds a compassionate demeanour.

Cold showers and diet thoughts

Just listened to The Joe Rogan Experience #773 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and there were some interesting points. They were talking about the benefits of cold showers and how it’s actually not good to have a cold shower soon after exercising because it can blunt the benefits of the inflammation response of the body to physical exercise.. well that was her hypothesis. There were many other things discussed which don’t come to mind although as is often the case, it was a worth while podcast.

I just got home from a hill ride, I have done the same 40km ride before without my legs being totally exhausted and so I guess I have been in better shape. I would also note that the diet I’m on has been doing good things for my energy, I felt I was able to keep powering on without suffering too much in as far as how my energy systems were working. So thats good news, another plus for the diet I’m on, just need to rest my legs now. Time to scoot my ass over to mums for more dinner. Didn’t count food intake today properly. I think I’ll add all my own custom foods to since their food profiles are all over the place.

Keeping up the diet

Without looking too much like a stereotype Instagram post.. I’m making a bunch of healthy food + coffee. If I can get a routine of good food going, even meal prepping it – which I think would be my best use of time, then that sounds good. Currently. Also I need to figure out how much this is all costing me. Mood and energy wise I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt, despite feeling kinda hungry a lot of the time and sad when I walk through the various baked goods in the market.. Doughnuts and croissants :'(
Early dinner of:

  • ~220g steamed potato (steaming is the best)
  • Fried spinach with garlic on olive oil Maybe ~150g
  • ~100g steamed carrots
  • ~40g fried onion
  • 180g salmon trout

And I’ve got extra stuff left over tomorrow for breakfast including eggs. Sounds good to me.

This took ehh too many hours walking around the central markets…

Have to emphasise that mood results are something to put on a postcard, it’s been less than a week, so my joy is somewhat hesitant, none the less I am indeed joyous (rejoice). The feeling is a narrower band of mood, which I feel is less stressful. I had a carb load session for dinner before Martial Arts and a coffee and didn’t feel super energetic. But I had an excellent bjj session. Relaxed and capable. So despite feeling not super energetic after eating my potatoes and carrots, I felt capable enough. This in a subtle way feels like new territory. Many new experiences of new territory in the past year or so. Rejoyce. Do it.

So I feel my Carbs and Protein levels agree with the Primal recommendations.

Here’s a screenshot of today’s food. foodI feel that the scales I got yesterday seem pretty good for keeping carbs and protein within those narrow bands talked about in the Primal diet.


Where are the Carbs?!

So with this new Primal Diet thing, I haven’t got to reading any of The Primal Blueprint, although I’ve got the free sample on my kindle ready to go. I’ve been doing this diet for a few days, and I’ve noticed a few things. My crashes are more psychological than physiological, which is a giant relief. It’s very early days, we’ll see how this whole thing goes. Which means that while I might feel a little crappy, I don’t feel like my systems are off line, I guess the crashes are just smaller.. ehh we’ll see, but yeah its interesting to note that I haven’t had my afternoon crashes, I don’t want to go sleep around 4pm. I’m just chugging along at 45% energy, which leads me to today. It’s Monday and I wanted to go to the gym, but this diet isn’t giving me the energy. The idea of that was not possible, I knew I didn’t have the energy. I was looking at the food logs (initially using but then which I’m still not entirely satisfied with) I had done over the past few days and I was not getting any carbs.

I looked at this page on which had the much talked about carb curve. I wasn’t getting my 100g. So I google primal carb sources and eyoo, on this (awesome) page I see that sweet and normal potatoes are going to give me ~20% carbs. fukn yes.
So, steamed chicken, broccoli, cauliflower and maybe a good half kilo of potatoes at 5pm and I here I am sitting after a mild session at the gym.

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