‘the bubble’

Ok so you have Saturday Night Live mocking CNN and mentioning fake news, while doing a whole bit called ‘the bubble’, mocking hipster farmers market trendy wankers. Omg what a time to be alive; I usually feel alone holding contempt walking around a (wanky) farmers market with overpriced everything set out like some idealist art project. Here in SNL S42E07 you have this whole thing being mocked. I love this.

While you have seemingly non… alternative deeper roots human psycho-dynamics type people.. basically… maybe the general public? getting into this whole pizzagate thing… mmm some archetypal energies surfacing into consensus for sure

blood ph

Something new to me re health is blood ph level. Recently I heard Stephen heurer and Wim Hoff talk about blood PH in regard to the bodys health. Wim Hoff talks about alkalising the blood with his breathing method, where Stephen mentions at the end of this podcast about how viruses/bacteria interact with food in the body relating to the bodys ph.

Adronis – channelled by Brad Johnson

Around 50 mins in hour 2 of this episode:

So the whole idea in that sense is that they are shall we say still scrambling feeling that this blueprint is going to help them in being able to maintain their empire and basically they’re attempting to get to this point of saying;

“What if we try and create a hoax alien invasion?”

No that will fail,

“What if we attempt to create nuclear war?”

No, not only will that fail but we will invite ourselves in to your planet and we will make ourselves known so basically they are still scrambling…