Health Rabbit hole

Currently I’m filtering through several alt health methods; the alt health picture tends to veer somewhat unpredictably. The justification of further research is more visible with alt health, either way that’s what I’m doing. This all basically started with parasite research earlier in the year which I’m in the process of kind of creating a mind map of connections between protocols, philosophies and models in order to integrate a more holistic method of expressing my own health, possibly with coherent conscious comprehension. That’s enough alliteration for one diatribe.

I have heard Dr Hulda Clark mention that parasites cause a whole bunch of problems for people, in which are mould, in which are bacteria in which are viruses, all of which respond to ozone (at least that’s today’s take..)

I was reading through amazon reviews and someone mentioned Dr Steven Rochlitz so I checked out his website and a podcast. Didn’t make it through the whole thing, got sick of hearing him say “Porphyria” 10 times per minute.

This fragmented tunnel of mirrors will perhaps magically connect in a synchronous holistic hologram in which energy systems are just filling voids in supply and demand.

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