Salt rampage

I did a search for salt in the iTunes podcast store. Partially motivated by reading on my latest heavy metal protocol, but also because of cramps tied to salts as identified by my BJJ coach. Just had  > a teaspoon of dissolved Celtic sea salt in a Powerade bottle, feeling better…. Another mineral to obsess about 🙂

From the protocol: “If you are having a hay-fever attack, try the salt and a glass of water. Make sure and look at the second hand of a clock. Because you will want to take note in how many seconds it takes to work.”

Feels good in my lungs too… hmmm..!!!!!

In my head this feels a little Wim Hoff’y like a cellular cleaning in my brain…
“The body needs the Chloride from salt to detoxify, to make the right amount of HCL in the stomach for digestion, to clean neurons”

This all feels a little synchronistic

here we go:
ABC (Aus) Health Report: Tracking asthma mortality, occupations and risk of rheumatoid arthritis, re-defining polycystic ovary syndrome and unpacking salt.

^ terrible status quo conventional shallow non critical in-the-box thinking podcast.

This on the other hand. Wonderful:

The ATP Projects Podcast: Salts and Electrolytes

In today’s podcast Jeff, Matt and Steve discuss salts – that is, Sodium and the other electrolytes like Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium and their importance for both everyday health and its effects on performance. Steve uncovers a host of white…

bonus find: Aluminium Alert

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