Ketosis, low carb and fasting

I was keeping my carb intake pretty dam low for around the last week, between 50 and 100g per day (going off the food nutrition data I’ve been using).. aand I don’t think I was getting the required carbs, I’m going for 100 per day now, which I think will provide better satiation. I have been feeling low energy for the last few days which I’m not super happy about, I think I trained too hard last week and stressed my body too much, resulting in a cold and a cold sore…
I’ve stopped coffee, just 1 black tea in the morning = less cortisol stress from caffeine. No caffeine after 2 pm.. Less green tea as well since that is a stressor. I think the build towards being a ‘fat burning beast’ needs to be a slower one.

This is an interesting link on fasting, something to look into possibly, extending my fast from 11 hours daily around my sleep cycle to perhaps up to 24 as an experiment, when I already feel good as a starting point.

Just stumbled on this… The Low Carb Flu

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