Sony XDR-C1DBP Clock Radio

I’m on my 4th Clock Radio for the year. This one is good.

  • First one cost $20 and had an analog FM tuner which couldn’t hold a station.
  • Second one was from Phillips, cost $50 and was good, except that it wasn’t dimmable so I couldn’t sleep facing it.
  • Third one Cost $70 and had DAB digital radio, this was the reason I bought it.. nice little thing, except that when I had it on low volume every now and then it would get these loud interference noises, so now it has to go back…
  • My fourth one is pretty expensive,20160406_110214 I only went this far ($150) due to the others sucking…

This one has 2 ferrite chokes on the power cable so that validates the reason I chose a Sony..

It isn’t exactly loud, compared to it’s side-table companion SRS-X3 also Sony Bluetooth speaker, but I guess they engineered it do do a job. I’d say the speaker is spec’d to the quality of digital radio – which really isn’t great in my experience (64kbps…?). Although the real quality is what’s coming out of it, the digital radio stations are bringing all this nostalgia back with the 90’s channel.. bit of a gift 🙂 and the reason I bought it, the chill out stations

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