Speaking my language – Medicine has become a religion (sigh)

For me talking about medicine is often a frustrating situation. The most taboo idea to bring up (not that I ever do) is perhaps Vaccines, where the word vaccine itself is welded to a cartoonish mockery of silly people.. “lol those nutjobs who refuse to vaccinate”.. To me it’s really interesting how religious people are in their beliefs about medicine, I hadn’t really used the religion analogy before listening to Dr. Gary Foresman in this podcast (embedded below). Note on vaccine research…

It has been disheartening for me to hear people who truly believe themselves to be intelligent and on the ball adamantly lock themselves into this generic disempowering mindset that Doctors know best. Hearing this podcast is very reassuring in this respect, which is aligned with an understanding I am coming to, that I should be the mechanic of my own health and nutrition… (how much do doctors learn about nutrition??).

In thinking about this ago old conundrum of ideology Vs science, the thought that western medicine treats symptoms comes up. I guess if medicine treated causation the profit motive would dry up; and now we’re in the rabbit hole…


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