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What is crazy about the collective human experience is (in part lets say…) that it is pervasive throughout a lifetime, yet, once a person exits the collective reality, they don’t come back. Ever. There is this massive machine called the present, and it appears as this collective movement, transitioning the fluid of time. Yet when you leave this reality, dream or otherwise, you leave for good, like after the English language is noise in the sparkle of a grain of sand from forever ago. This blog post was brought into realized probability by the number #BREAK and the song Spy Vs Spy by Critical Choice, which I am listening to atm. Frag out


No Critical Thinking

Text copied from Ura P Auckland’s facebook photo post:

It saddens me to see how many Australians have fallen for what is an absolute commercial play.

I am pro-data on vaccines, not pro-vaccine, not anti-vaccine. I worked in the business of medical science and science for 15 years.

There are reasons for the right vaccines for the right disease.

There are also appalling vaccines like HPV that should never have come to market, and which as I have shared before I know HPV disease experts who won’t have that vaccine administered to their kids.

The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Agency exists for a reason. Anything injected in the body will have side effects and some people do die.

I have no interest in engaging in endless debates with pro-vax people or anti-vax people. Life is never just black or just white. If you have been wound up into a black or white position you are ignoring some of the data, and supporting one or other vested interest.

Which brings me to ‘NoJabNoPlayNoPay’.

The NoJabNoPlay campaign was initiated by the Murdoch Daily Telegraph. Yes, a newspaper that is supposed to report news, not initiate a campaign.


James Murdoch was a Director of Glaxo Smith Kline one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. He decided not to stand for reelection in 2012 is the official story, but the vaccine media strategy was already born, now it served GSK better if Murdoch was not tied to them: Plausible Deniability they call it in the game.


One could wonder why a drug and vaccine company needed the skills of a media expert on its board. But one doesn’t need to wonder too long.

The Murdochs were successful in having NSW Law passed on the supposed public support manufactured by the Murdoch Press for NoJabNoPlay.

Now Abbott has handed his masters NoJabNoPay and GSK and their cohorts will be slapping themselves on the back in the board room.

Australia, you have been played.

I am all for management of epidemiology, I am also very much for proper peer reviewed science and rigour in searching for side effects and creating better vaccines. Side effects are real as you can see on any drugs legal disclaimers inside the box in small print.

Science is funded by business in 95% of cases today folks, and so too is media and PR.

Join me in the middle ground and look for the truth not one side or the others propaganda.

Bashar – “2015 – 2016: The Years of Expansion and Contraction”

“You experience things the way you define them.

You understand?

Your definitions absolutely color and filter your experience of physical reality because physical reality is just your projection. Physical reality doesn’t exist without your perception of it. It doesn’t exist on its own empirically. It exists in a variety of ways on its own because everything exists. But your experience of physical reality doesn’t exist until you create an idea, a perception, a definition for yourself in order for you to experience it.

Does that make sense?”

From “2015 – 2016: The Years of Expansion and Contraction”

The Translatory nature of communication.

Person to person communication, despite being seen as fitting within language is really a function of interpretive interaction, where the interpretation happens at a the site of a single cognitively functioning entity. In this sense the microcosm/macrocosm interaction can be understood as a holographic dynamic system, where a single entity functions within a cloud of other entities forming an integrated higher order entity. Shower time

The Capitalist West in two words

Scarcity and Domination.

By existing in an environment of scarcity, domination is unavoidable. Like many of the complex systems we take for granted to make ordinary life possible, modern energy systems are definitely one system just outside the periphery of our western culture. There are renewable energy flag wavers, and even these people promoting solutions available and ready to go are ignored by the momentum of non-renewables. This takes place without logic, as non-renewable energy inherently always has been, illogical.

At the start of the 20th Century a guy called Tesla provided examples of energy which didn’t require a power meter. People with belief systems tired into their banking power didn’t like this and we see the result of the 20th century. Now the game is up, the disease of corrupt banking has already collapsed once in 2008. Another band-aid this will not fix.

To understand the proliferation of this entropic energy system, just consider that everything everywhere in the ‘1st world’ was carried there by non-renewable energy.

Solar and wind are great, they don’t circumvent any laws of physics, sweet…

But now we are seeing even science is becoming aware of energy outside entropy, in sub atomic physics there is no decay, there is only a probability of existence. Within this ‘all-possibility’ we can derive a fun term; neg-entropy (a term I learned from Robert Pope).

Awakening beyond thought Webcast Ep 1

Content warning: serendipitous spiritual jargon.

Really enjoyed this webcast.

Initially talking about the question “who would I be without my stories” and how asking this question had heuristic value. Asking this is a method which attempts to be self-correcting on becoming aware of thought patterns.

They went on in the second half of the webcast talking about creating perspective in meditation through various methods, and how methods become blunt and need to be superseded. This reminds me of what Ram Dass says in Fierce Grace (awesome doco) about being stuck in ‘method’. Continue reading “Awakening beyond thought Webcast Ep 1”

The Western 20th century paradigm

A destructive mind dare not examine its behavior.

It will hold onto what it believes to be good, and that’s all.

Anything outside this is uncomfortable and thus should be avoided.

It will talk about new plans within its awareness and not forget to touch on the failures of ‘the outsiders’.

By focusing attention on the perceived failures of the outsiders it is deemed necessary to defend against their perceived Malevolence.

The shadow of the destructive mind must remain defined outside the light of its awareness, this way its destructiveness can merge into the unknown realm of ‘the outsiders’. Continue reading “The Western 20th century paradigm”