Keeping up the diet

Without looking too much like a stereotype Instagram post.. I’m making a bunch of healthy food + coffee. If I can get a routine of good food going, even meal prepping it – which I think would be my best use of time, then that sounds good. Currently. Also I need to figure out how much this is all costing me. Mood and energy wise I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt, despite feeling kinda hungry a lot of the time and sad when I walk through the various baked goods in the market.. Doughnuts and croissants :'(
Early dinner of:

  • ~220g steamed potato (steaming is the best)
  • Fried spinach with garlic on olive oil Maybe ~150g
  • ~100g steamed carrots
  • ~40g fried onion
  • 180g salmon trout

And I’ve got extra stuff left over tomorrow for breakfast including eggs. Sounds good to me.

This took ehh too many hours walking around the central markets…

Have to emphasise that mood results are something to put on a postcard, it’s been less than a week, so my joy is somewhat hesitant, none the less I am indeed joyous (rejoice). The feeling is a narrower band of mood, which I feel is less stressful. I had a carb load session for dinner before Martial Arts and a coffee and didn’t feel super energetic. But I had an excellent bjj session. Relaxed and capable. So despite feeling not super energetic after eating my potatoes and carrots, I felt capable enough. This in a subtle way feels like new territory. Many new experiences of new territory in the past year or so. Rejoyce. Do it.

So I feel my Carbs and Protein levels agree with the Primal recommendations.

Here’s a screenshot of today’s food. foodI feel that the scales I got yesterday seem pretty good for keeping carbs and protein within those narrow bands talked about in the Primal diet.


Where are the Carbs?!

So with this new Primal Diet thing, I haven’t got to reading any of The Primal Blueprint, although I’ve got the free sample on my kindle ready to go. I’ve been doing this diet for a few days, and I’ve noticed a few things. My crashes are more psychological than physiological, which is a giant relief. It’s very early days, we’ll see how this whole thing goes. Which means that while I might feel a little crappy, I don’t feel like my systems are off line, I guess the crashes are just smaller.. ehh we’ll see, but yeah its interesting to note that I haven’t had my afternoon crashes, I don’t want to go sleep around 4pm. I’m just chugging along at 45% energy, which leads me to today. It’s Monday and I wanted to go to the gym, but this diet isn’t giving me the energy. The idea of that was not possible, I knew I didn’t have the energy. I was looking at the food logs (initially using but then which I’m still not entirely satisfied with) I had done over the past few days and I was not getting any carbs.

I looked at this page on which had the much talked about carb curve. I wasn’t getting my 100g. So I google primal carb sources and eyoo, on this (awesome) page I see that sweet and normal potatoes are going to give me ~20% carbs. fukn yes.
So, steamed chicken, broccoli, cauliflower and maybe a good half kilo of potatoes at 5pm and I here I am sitting after a mild session at the gym.

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New diet (marked mood and energy results)

So around last Wednesday I decided to give this Primal Diet thing a go.

Seems pretty interesting to me, especially since my Doctor told me I have 2 out of the 3 gluten intolerance genes. When I first listened to this episode I was hesitant, I was following along until he said giving up all grains. Hold the phone, jettison the baby and bathwater. I love my grains. Every day I would have a huge bowl of oats as well as rice for lunch and dinner. I’d just bought Tupperware for both these grains. I mean come on. Anyway for whatever reason I tried to give it a go, I started reading the new book on my kindle, which I subsequently returned since The Primal Blueprint was more what I wanted (the new one focuses on health and fitness for endurance.. I just want the diet). So the reason I wanted to start the diet is basically the results I was really hoping for. I’m actually super happy with the results. I had a bit of a read on which basically had everything I wanted from the book.

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dealing with stomach parasites

Been having some stomach problems since the start of the year, so got my digestive system tested. The reason for the test was actually acute sugar sensitivity, where a small amount of sugar, say 2 teaspoons hiding in a nut ‘health bar’ would make me feel crap within a couple minutes. I know most of the serotonin in the body is produced in the stomach so I figured this may have something to do with it. One of the problems detected was Blastocystis which is a stomach parasite. I was prescribed antibiotics which I held off from for a couple weeks while I tried natural methods (Paracea, garlic 3 times a day and 3 drops of MMS hourly for 8 hrs a day for a few days and various probiotics). This didn’t seem to solve the problem so I went with the antibiotics. Just finished that yesterday but still noticing a crash towards the end of the day. So today I watched this video which was all like hey Goji is the greatest thing ever. I stumbled upon it because a natropath I saw recently commented on how my red blood cells were stuck together, so I was looking into that. Seems they are talking about Goji berries, luckily I found some at my local supermarket basically straight away. This lead me back to this guy, who was the reason I have Chaga mushroom powder sitting in my room, which is another thing I need to look into preparing.

Gobi berries cost $7 for 150g at Coles so I think I’ll be snacking on these for a while, so addictive.  I wanted to know a good dose, in this study they took 120ml for a fortnight… although they were taking this stuff and I’m not sure of the potency. I just had a bunch of yoghurt (first time having sugar in a while actually) as well as some  Goji berries and I feel more energised… hmm.. anyway. Will be interesting to experiment with this in the afternoon tomorrow…

Bjj Thursday

Went through second stripe drills.

Head lock escapes;

  • Protect airway and reach around and grab their far arm, pop out to the back.
  • Protect airway and reach around and grab their far arm, block their close leg with my rear facing leg, push them back over this leg and take them down
  • reach out and block their far knee, roll under them.

Guillotine escapes;

  • (arm out) protect airway and reach over their shoulder, block behind their leg and take them down.
  • (arm in) protect airway and reach around their back, block behind their leg and take them down.
  • (arm in being held low) block their far knee, step one leg inside their legs and back from their far knee, swing other leg around their far leg and pull them down over you.

Bjj tonight

learned a sweep from closed guard.

Break their posture by pulling their arm up, and pulling them down with your legs (closed guard). Grab a deep underhook in their armpit and pull it tight. You want to pull that arm and roll them onto their back. So with the free arm grab under their knee and shift away so they fall into the space you make, rolling onto mount.

Andy showed me some stuff after class. Guard pass.

Put your knee into their butt and rotate away, this will allow me to break their guard.

Reminder of setting the kimora from a fake hip bump sweep, or doing both